Immigration Law in Los Angeles, CA

Regardless of whether you’re applying for citizenship or you’re living in the Los Angeles area on a temporary basis, I invite you to consult with me at The Law Office of Sherwin C. Carballo where I practice immigration law. I work hard for my clients in an attempt to establish their legal presence in the community. As we sort through your options, I’ll provide you with my professional guidance.

Personal Attention on Every Case

I don’t believe in applying cookie-cutter methods to my clients’ needs. Whether you’re seeking advice for yourself or a family member, I’ll employ an individualized approach to the case. My efforts will be tailored to your personal circumstances and goals. In order to achieve your objectives, I’ll go over all the requirements with you and then help you gather and file any necessary forms and paperwork in a timely manner.

Your immigration law matters may be a lot less confusing when you have representation from me at my practice, The Law Office of Sherwin C. Carballo, in Los Angeles, CA. Contact me at my law firm today to learn more about my services and fees and to arrange a face-to-face meeting.